The London Souls

Friday 6 May 2016

Rock – soul – pop

The London Souls released their debut in 2011 and followed up with their second album Here Come the Girls last April. Their sound mixes up traditional influences of classic hard-hitting rock, soul, and pop, that recalls elements of the past with an ever-present boundless energy. Tash Neal (guitar, vocals) and Chris St. Hilaire (drums, vocals) have been nothing short of a best-kept-secret among New York City concertgoers since the band’s formation in 2008, building a fervent and dynamic fan base leveraged by their ever-substantiated reputation for consistently well-rehearsed and impassioned, explosive live performances.
The band’s sound and spirit draws significant influence from the driving force of British rock pioneers Cream and Led Zeppelin, to billowing and bouncing funk and soul, to the layered harmonies and memorable hooks of The Beatles and The Hollies, to the contemporary psychedelia of My Morning Jacket among many more.